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Camtasia – Find Reserves

Library patrons find it difficult to locate the electronic, print and media course reserves online. Currently when a patron has difficulty finding the call number for a physical item they need to stand in line and wait for assistance at the service desk. If the patron is accessing electronic reserves remotely they need to call the service desk to have the attendant walk them through the process over the phone. In both instances the Gateway Library service desk will get backed up, causing other patrons to become frustrated. After discussing the issue with colleagues and I concluded that, aside from a website re-design, a video tutorial might improve patron experience. I used Techsmith Camtasia 8.3 and Microsoft Powerpoint to create a proof of concept for a tutorial “How to Find Course Reserves”. I showed the video to my colleagues on the Reserves Team and incorporated their suggestions where possible.

Implementation – On hold pending the adoption of new reserves management software.  As a temporary measure I created improved signage to assist patrons searching for print and media reserves (below video).


Temporary signage to address most pressing need.

Temporary signage to address most pressing need.

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