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Captivate – Submit Reserves

Based on feedback and my own experiences interacting with faculty members I identified a need to revise the Reserves Request form. Given the institutional challenges of a web redesign and the time it would take to implement changes I decided a temporary measure was needed to assist faculty members who have difficulty using the existing form. Currently if faculty members need assistance they need to call a reserves team member. A usual case could go as follows – the faculty member calls Fenwick, Fenwick then transfers them to the Gateway desk, the Gateway desk then transfers them to a Reserve Team member’s cubicle. If the team member was away from their cubicle they then have to leave a voice-mail and a potential game of phone tag may follow. Even in the best case scenario of the instructor researching online which team member to call and connecting with them quickly, explaining the form over the phone is frustrating for both parties. I discussed the issue with colleagues and concluded that, aside from a form re-design, a video tutorial might improve faculty experience. I used Adobe Captivate 7 to create a proof of concept for a tutorial “How to Submit Reserve Requests”. I shared the video with my colleagues on the Reserve Team and incorporated their feedback where possible.

Implementation – On hold pending the adoption of new reserves management software and further edits.

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