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Based upon the questions and complaints received at the Gateway Library service desk I identified a need to provide patrons with better information at the public computer terminals. After discussing the issue with colleagues I concluded that the lack of informative signage created a negative and frustrating atmosphere for patrons and led to poor customer service at the Library service desk. Patrons’ complaints centered around computer usage so I decided to create a desktop background instead of creating physical signs. I compiled information from outside websites and information guides and combined it with basic library information. Initially I had no access to creative software so I used MS Publisher to create three proposals for the three different sized monitors used on the public terminals. I consulted with library colleagues and supervisors to make appropriate changes. The decision was made to launch the image as a JPEG/PNG to receive feedback. While awaiting implementation I learned Adobe InDesign, acquired access to it, and re-created the design to allow for greater adaptability and functionality. The file can be viewed as an interactive pdf here: PatronDesktopInteractivePDF

The desired goal of creating an interactive HTML wallpaper is in question due to the libraries adoption of Windows 7, though it is still a option if packaged with Adobe AIR and a program like Snippage.


Publisher 24 Inch Design


19 Inch Design

Publisher 19 Inch Design


17 Inch Design

Publisher 17 Inch Design



  • Colors reflect GMU’s official RGB guidelines
  • Centrally located black space to allow for automatic “Scholar Station” pop-up dialogue box.
  • Extra space along the left margin to allow for desktop icons.



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